Tao Taekwondo


TAO Taekwondo is a pseudo taekwondo academy that teaches conscious living through taekwondo. The academy values precision, purpose and balance in all actions and movements. Minimalistic and symmetrical visuals are employed to reflect the simplicity and balanced well-being that leads to conscious living. Planners are given to students for managing their day-to-day activities and encourage them to take a conscious approach to their daily activities and personal goals.

This project was inspired by my own personal experiences in Taekwondo classes.


‘Purpose’ is arranged such that the elements create a visual centre

point to represent aim and intention.

‘Precision’ is an overlap of the yin and yang symbol and balanced squares to create a target mark symbolising precision.

‘Balance’ is made of still and fluid elements precariously stacked to represent stability.

'Motion' is shaped asymmetrically to represent the fluidity of actions in Taekwondo.

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